Ginette NY

Born in Marseille, Frédérique Dessemond, creator of the GINETTE NY brand, grew up in a world conducive to creation, the Cité Radieuse, a complex designed by Le Corbusier, a famous architect known for his minimalism and taste for pure geometric lines. After studying art history at the Sorbonne, she moved to New York in 1999 and from 2002 onwards wrote the singular history of GINETTE NY.

A brand dedicated to women of character, conscious of their uniqueness and power. At the origin of the contemporary jewellery concept, Ginette NY's ambition is to offer women an everyday luxury, a contemporary and timeless gold skin jewel. Pure materials and natural stones, design and architectural inspiration, luxury of simplicity, purity of form, the collections are the reflection of a singular artistic expression.

A new vintage inspiration, a sensual experience, a N.Y.C.-Paris lifestyle. Ginette NY, the invention of a sensation between jewellery and skin: an extension of the Self that reflects the personality of each individual. A unique DNA in the world of contemporary jewellery.

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