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Malicieux Broth - 25 cl

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Malicieux broth - 25 cl

Malicieux is a real fruit broth from organic farming. Its notes of pear and ginger associated with a touch of star anise bring lightness while remaining very little sweet.
The Malicieux broth is the new refreshing drink, more perfumed than any herbal tea or infusion, and lighter than a juice.

Formulated with no additives, no preservatives and no added flavors.

Advice for use / MaintenanceDrink well chilled. Shake well before use.
IngredientsIngredients from organic farming: water, pear 50%, sugar, fresh ginger, lime, star anise, cardamom.
PreservationStore at room temperature before opening. After opening, keep the broth cold and within 3 days.
InformationsProduction 100% française. Convient à une alimentation végan. Sans additif, sans conservateur et sans arôme ajouté.


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