The synagogues of the exile

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The synagogues of the exile

"Let them build me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them" (Exodus 25:8).

This illustrious commandment referred to the Temple in Jerusalem, the dwelling place of the Lord on earth. The synagogue is not the Temple whose rebuilding is long awaited, but it is the identity of every Jewish community throughout the centuries. This identity is intimately linked to the Exile. The Synagogue is the testimony to the existence of a Jewish life past and present. These sanctuaries, built in different places and at different times, symbolise the greatness of the Jewish people and Judaism in Europe, marked by an illustrious past and an uncertain future. To visit these places of memory reveals a desire to reveal and transmit the material and spiritual heritage left by the synagogues in Europe. From the breathtaking Great Synagogue of Budapest to the theatrically exuberant Venetian Sinagogues, from the London and Amsterdam twins to the sumptuous Synagogue de la Victoire in Paris, each construction is accompanied by a desire to magnify the building in order to sanctify the Eternal. When you push open the door of these houses of the Lord, you enter a universe where art, history and the spiritual are united.

Composition1 volume of 204 pages with colour illustrations.
Dimensions31 x 31 cm
Author(s)David Abitbol


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