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Iberian Lomo sliced - 100g

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Iberian Lomo sliced - 100g

Taste the sliced Iberian Lomo from Bellota Bellota on your e-shop Publicisdrugstore.

The lomo is a muscle along the backbone of the Iberian pig that is an extension of the lomito. It can be eaten fresh but, as it is much less marbled than the lomito, it is in embutidos (cold cuts) that it best expresses its flavour and subtlety.

IngredientsPork bellota, salt, garlic, oregano, sugar, dextrose, antioxidants (E301, E300, E331iii), preservatives (E252, E250).
InformationsFor an healthy life, eat at least five fruits or vegetables per day.
Manufacturing / OriginSpain


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