Organic Matcha Premium - 50g

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Organic Premium Matcha - 50g: healthy and delicious

Considered one of the holiest foods in Japanese gastronomy, Umami's organic matcha premium is ideal for the tea ceremony (before a meal or a reception) or for daily drinking.

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder with energizing properties due to its caffeine and theanine content. Regular consumption (preferably in the morning) also helps to regulate stress and promotes relaxation.

Advice for use / MaintenanceSift 2g of matcha tea into a bowl, pour in 7cl of 70°C water, then quickly whisk the tea for 30 seconds with a bamboo whisk (chasen).
IngredientsOrganic green tea powder.
PreservationStore in a cool, dry place, away from light.
InformationsPremium quality
Manufacturing / OriginJapan
TasteSmooth, slightly bitter and rich in umami.
Guard time2 years
Packaging, wrappingAluminium doypack bag


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