Wasabi, grated - 42g

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Grated wasabi - 42g: the "Japanese mustard"!

Spice up your favourite sushi and sashimi recipes with grated wasabi from Umami on your Publicisdrugstore e-shop. An essential condiment in Japanese gastronomy, wasabi is generally consumed as a paste to be spread (sparingly) on your favourite foods. The Umami wasabi sold in tubes on our e-shop contains only wasabi (no horseradish) grown at the foot of Mount Amagi in the Izu Peninsula.

Advice for use / MaintenancePerfect for use with fish, especially to spice up sushi or sashimi. Wasabi also goes well with soba noodles, red meat, grilled eel, cold tofu "Hiyayakko" or on "Ochazuke" (bowl of rice on which hot water or green tea is poured).
IngredientsWasabi, dietary fibre, starch, salt, vegetable oil, sorbitol, flavourings, acidifier, colours (E102, E133) (may contain soya).
PreservationStore in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Store in the refrigerator after opening.
Manufacturing / OriginJapan
TasteStrong, slightly pungent.
Packaging, wrappingTube


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