Organic Golden Sesame Paste - 80g

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Golden Sesame Paste - 80g: an intense roasted taste

Indulge in the deliciousness of Umami's organic golden sesame paste. Golden sesame is the noblest variety, its seeds have been rigorously selected to make this paste. The seeds have been roasted at high temperature in order to reveal the flavours without developing bitterness. They are then ground 5 times to obtain a smooth paste with an intense peanut taste. This paste is usually eaten on bread with a little honey. It can also be used in savoury recipes, cakes or to add creaminess to your sauces.

Advice for use / MaintenanceThe golden sesame paste is delicious simply spread on bread with a little honey. It is also very easy to add to savoury dishes such as marinades, vinaigrettes or sauces for your meats or vegetables. It can be diluted, for example, with soy sauce and dashi to make a shabu shabu sesame sauce or to accompany vegetables, but also in mayonnaise for a twisted sauce or in your vegetable soups where it will add a touch of deliciousness. Of course you can also use it in cakes, mousses and other delicacies.
Ingredients100% organic golden sesame
PreservationStore in a cool, dry place, away from light.
Manufacturing / OriginJapan
TasteRefined, roasted flavour with a peanut taste.
Guard time2 years
Packaging, wrappingPlastic pocket


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