Furikake Wasabi - 48g

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Furikake Wasabi - 48g : a mixture of flavours

Discover Umami's Furikake Wasabi on your Publicisdrugstore, a mixture of seaweed and sesame, roasted and salted in dashi before being reduced to powder. This Japanese condiment was invented during the Second World War to flavour the rice bowls of Japanese navy soldiers. Today, this condiment is very popular in Japan and comes in a variety of flavours.

Advice for use / MaintenanceSprinkle it on fish, salads, noodles, rice and tofu at the last minute.
IngredientsWhite sesame, wasabi flavour granules, nori, starch, sugar, soy sauce, salt, dried bonito and mackerel, aonori seaweed, wheat germ, dextrin, wasabi and nozawana stem flakes, cornstarch, minced kombu, kombu extract, fermented seasoning, spices.
PreservationStore away from light, heat and humidity. After opening, close the sachet and consume quickly.
Manufacturing / OriginJapan
Guard time12 months
Packaging, wrappingBag


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