Kooks Salted Caramel Pecan Cookie - 120g

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Kooks Cookie Salted Caramel Pecan - 120g

Indulge yourself with KOOKS Caramel Salted Pecan Nut Cookie Dough, a 100% Made In France dessert between ice cream and cake to be enjoyed with a spoon. Delight in a refined, slightly salty taste that will make you go peanut! A gourmet recipe to devour on your own!

Advice for use / MaintenanceRemove from the refrigerator 10 minutes before eating. Can be eaten raw with a spoon or slightly warmed in the microwave or baked in the oven for traditional cookies.
IngredientsThermised wheat flour 32% (5% humidity), sweet pasteurised butter, sunflower oil, Isigny caramel cream 8.5% (sugar (37.6%), glucose syrup (30. 3%), water (8.3%), Isigny A.O.P. cream (8%), whole milk powder (7.9%), Isigny A.O.P. salted butter (4.5%), dietary fibre (2.6%), IGP Guérande salt (0. 6%), natural vanilla flavouring (0.2%), caramelised pecan nuts 6.6% (pecan nuts 60%, sugar 40%), sugar (sugar, corn starch 1.5%), brown cane sugar, vanilla flavouring (sugar syrup, water, colouring: sulphited caramel, vanilla flavouring: flavouring substances), corn starch (100% corn starch, sulphites), water, sodium bicarbonate, salt.
PreservationStore in its packaging between 0°C and +6°C
AllergenGluten, eggs, soya, milk, sesame, nuts
Manufacturing / OriginFrance
Flavour(s) / Taste(s) / Scent(s)Salted caramel and pecans


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