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Energy Tea

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Energy Tea

Boost yourself and reduce your coffee consumption with The French Herborist's Energy Tea! Organic Ginseng, organic Maté, organic Guarana, organic Green Tea, an explosive cocktail to give you a real boost in the morning with breakfast and throughout the day if needed. Much healthier than a coffee, our formula with the sweet scent of roasted mate and organic peach is a concentrate of good mood.

What are the benefits of Energy Tea?

Organic green tea 55%: ideal for stimulating the brain, slimming ally, powerful antioxidant, it boosts your energy.

Organic green mate 35%: stimulating, anti fatigue and energizing.

Organic Ginseng: improves physical stamina, intellectual performance and anti-depression.

Organic Guarana: stimulates the body in a general way.

Organic peach extract.

Composition28 tea bags
Advice for use / MaintenanceOne to two sachets per day, to be taken at breakfast and in the middle of the afternoon. Avoid after 6pm.Steep in boiling water for 3 minutes.DURATION OF CURE: Contains 28 sachets.
Manufacturing / OriginFrance
Flavour(s) / Taste(s) / Scent(s)Fresh and pleasant taste of green tea, mate and peach.


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