Mindfulness CBD Matcha Tea - 30g

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Mindfulness CBD Matcha Tea - 30g

Discover Matcha with CBD from SLOW, your source of energy for the day!

Mild and soothing, Mindfulness combines an exceptional green tea grown in the Uji Province in Japan with French CBD.

Thanks to its rich antioxidant and amino acid properties, it restores vitality and alertness without increasing stress or anxiety, and stimulates cognitive abilities and creativity.

A 100% organic and natural recipe made in France.

PropertiesMatcha tea to fill up on energy without increasing stress, ideal for boosting concentration and memorization. Cannabidiol, which helps release tension and fight stress.
Advice for use / MaintenanceFor infusions: cover and infuse a heaped teaspoon for about ten minutes in water at 95-100°C.For lattes: dissolve half a teaspoon in a base of water, milk or vegetable drink to avoid the formation of lumps, then add milk or a vegetable drink (hot or cold) at your convenience.As CBD is fat-soluble, for both infusions and lattes, it requires a fatty substance - milk, vegetable drink, oil, etc. - if you want to benefit from its advantages. - if you want to benefit from its advantages.As hemp is an adaptogenic plant, it is up to you to determine the dosage that suits you according to your feelings.For a touch of sweetness, add a spoonful of honey.
IngredientsMatcha tea powder (Camelia Sinensis L.) and cannabidiol (75mg)
InformationsNot recommended for pregnant and nursing women.
TastingEnjoy it as a matcha latte to appreciate its herbal taste and the relaxing properties of CBD.
Manufacturing / OriginIle-de-France
Packaging, wrappingMatcha Tea is hand-packed by disabled people in biodegradable packages.


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