Focus & Relax Organic CBD Infusion - 50g

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Focus & Relax Organic CBD Infusion - 50g

Discover the Focus & Relax CBD organic herbal tea from Slow on your e-shop, an energizing and relaxing alternative to coffee thanks to its composition rich in hemp and mate.

A 100% natural and organic recipe made in France. On your cups!

Advice for use / MaintenanceIn the morning or for tea time, mate is energizing, but avoid after dinner. Steep a heaped teaspoon in water at 95-100°C for about ten minutes, covered.
IngredientsThe ingredients: hemp (40%), mate, mint, lemongrass... and that's it!Hemp contains CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes which help to relieve tension, fight stress and ease pain.Mate, an alternative to coffee, is used to combat physical and mental fatigue and improve short-term cognitive performance.Mint relieves headaches and relaxes muscles.Lemongrass, known for its sedative action on the nervous system, is recommended against anxiety.The ingredients are organically grown.
InformationsNot recommended for pregnant and nursing women.
Manufacturing / OriginFrance
Packaging, wrappingBag


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