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We want... A Collagen Booster - 20 sticks

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We want... A Collagen Booster - 20 sticks

Discover the collagen booster by Atelier Nubio with a unique formulation: it is 100% natural, without excipient and without added salt. The combination of marine collagen peptides, green vegetables rich in vitamin C and minerals (kale, celery, parsley) and Iroise seawater, preserves the youth of the skin, brings elasticity to the skin and reduces wrinkles.

This plumping food supplement can be drunk pure or mixed in your recipes.

Advice for use / MaintenanceDilute a stick in a hot cup (20 cl) during lunch or in the evening. The sticks can also be added to salty preparations (soups, salads...). The recommended duration is 40 days, i.e. 2 months.
IngredientsIngredients (for 2 sticks): hydrolyzed marine collagen (fish; 5000 mg), powder of celery leaves (Apium graveolens; 1800 mg), powder of kale leaves (brassica oleracea; 1200 mg), powder of onion bulbs (allium cepa; 1000 mg), powder of atomized Breton seawater (fish, crustaceans and mollusks; 600 mg), powder of parsley leaves (petroselenium crispum; 400 mg).
PreservationStore away from light and heat.
InformationsDo not exceed the recommended daily dose. This dietary supplement is not a substitute for sun protection and should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Manufacturing / OriginFrance


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