Parcelle 26

Olive Oil 1st Harvest - 50 cl

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1st Harvest Olive Oil - 50 cl

The 1st Harvest olive oil by Parcelle 26 is a vintage of character. This oil with its green fruity and ripe notes offers a remarkable taste profile.

Indeed, it has a rich variety of aromas: notes of freshly cut grass, mixed with notes of apple, hazelnut, green almond and walnut, give it a singular and unique character.

Advice for use / MaintenanceA perfect oil for tasting. Its character is ideal for enhancing your cold dishes: sauces, salads, ceviches, caparccios...
InformationsAs its name suggests, 1st Harvest olive oil is made from the very first olives picked each season. These are olives harvested at the "Primeur" stage, i.e. they are still very green, hence their green fruitiness and ardour once extracted.
Manufacturing / OriginThe 1st harvest olive oil is a monovarietal oil from Arbequina, a variety native to Catalonia. Fruity and not very bitter, this variety has a wide range of sensory qualities (almond, apple, banana, freshly cut grass, dried fruit, etc.) depending on its maturity.
Reward(s)Gold Award Olive Oil 2021, London IOOC Silver 2021, Canada Gold Quality 2021, Olive Japan Silver 2021.


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