Parcelle 26

Blend Selection Olive Oil - 50 cl

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Blend Selection Olive Oil - 50 cl

Blend Selection Olive Oil by Parcelle 26 is a balanced extra virgin olive oil full of character. This oil exhibits a contrast between ripe and green notes, which offers a complex and harmonious taste profile.

Indeed, it has a rich variety of aromas: notes of ripe apple and banana, but also notes of fine, olive leaf and mint. As a result, it has a slight bitterness.

This oil is balanced and unique.

Advice for use / MaintenancePerfect with all vegetables, spicy dishes, garlic and chocolate desserts. In the cold version, its bitterness allows it to be combined with an arugula salad.
InformationsL'huile d'olive Blend Selection est fabriquée à partir des mêmes olives d'Arbequina de la 2ème récolte, auxquelles s'ajoutent les olives de la variété Chétoui, cuillies à mi-maturité quand les olives sont violacées.
Manufacturing / OriginArbequina olives originate from Catalonia, while the Chétoui is one of the oldest varieties from Tunisia. The latter has a robust and bitter profile with a slight lingering bitterness.
Reward(s)Silver Award Olive Oil 2021, London IOOC Gold 2021, Canada Silver Quality 2021, Olive Japan Gold 2021.


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