Anti-flemme candle
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Anti-flemme candle

Félicie Aussi

Anti-flemme candle - 180g

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Anti-flemme candle

Félicie Aussi

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Anti-flemme candle

Félicie Aussi

100% vegetable wax, made in France, in Grasse.

Cut grass scent.

It is a real scourge. 95% of us would be affected. What pushes us to postpone what we could do right away is laziness. And sometimes even, the BIG laziness. Lit as soon as the first gags go, this candle will make you ultra-productive and thus give you more time to ... hang out!

Creative studio, Félicie Also makes giggles, glitter and kisses!

Their inspiration is you. You who dance, laugh, flirt. You who dare.

Let's be crazy: love each other and have fun.

Made with humor.

*** Take advantage of delivery in 1 hour, Paris and near suburbs ***


Data sheet

Material100% vegetable wax
Dimensions9 x 7,5 cm
Manufacturing / OriginFrance
Flavour(s) / Taste(s) / Scent(s)Cut grass scent

Specific References


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