Mikawa" round Japanese table barbecue

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Mikawa" round Japanese table barbecue: ideal for a convivial moment

Discover the "Mikawa" round Japanese table barbecue by Umami on your Publicisdrugstore e-shop. Made of hardened and glazed clay, this barbecue can be used both indoors and outdoors for a table of 2 to 4 people. Ideal for grilling fresh or marinated meat, fish and vegetables.

How to use the "Mikawa" table barbecue?

To use the "Mikawa" barbecue, first remove the grill and open the ventilation door. Then you need 2 red-hot charcoals (previously heated) or Bichotan charcoal. The barbecue has an ignition chimney to accelerate the burning of the coals. You can also start the charcoal in the following way: insert 2 charcoals (approx. 200g) without closing the holes at the bottom of the barbecue. Place a fire starter on the coals and light the fire. As soon as the flames appear, move the coals closer to the fire. Fan through the venting door so that the coals set more quickly. Add coals if you need more heat output. Use the fan door to adjust the heat level. Apply a little oil to the grate (remove the grate from the fire first) and once the grate is hot, you can start grilling your food.

Height15,5 cm
Diameter21 cm
CompositionMikawa" clay barbecue, wooden base, metal cooking grid.
Advice for use / MaintenanceUse in a well ventilated room. Do not throw away, as this may damage the barbecue. Use the barbecue on the wooden board included in the box. When starting a fire, beware of sparks. Do not touch the barbecue when it is hot. After use, check that the fire is out. Do not pour water on the bottom of the barbecue. If the bottom is wet, dry it well before use.
InformationsKeep out of reach of children.
Type of power supplyCharcoal or Bichotan coal (not supplied)
Manufacturing / OriginJapan


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