Anti-hangover kit

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Hangover Kit

"Hangovers last a day, memories last forever"

After a hard night out? Opt for the Fisura Hangover Kit, the ultimate kit to recover from the night before in the best conditions. This kit is composed of :

- a door sign "Shh... Hangover in progress" during your precious sleep necessary to your resurrection.

- a pair of earplugs, to avoid unwanted noise that could aggravate your headaches.

- a gel bead mask that can be cooled in the refrigerator and whose application on your face will chase away your resemblance to the Panda of Beauval zoo or any other mammal (we leave the choice to you).

- a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste to eradicate that rotting rat (or two) that came to die in your mouth while you were sleeping.

- a bell to call for ibuprofen from a relative who will take pity on you and because your vocal cords died the night before.

- And finally, a 30 cl ceramic mug with the words "I will never drink again" on it (Ah Ah Ah, that's a good one...) to drink coffee or tea or any other source of hydration to replenish your liver which has been waving a white flag for several hours.

CompositionCloth bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, gel mask, earplugs, door sign "Hush Hangover in progress", bell "ring for ibuprofen", hangover mug "I will never drink again


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