Gyuto, Japanese forged chef's knife "Migaki" - 24 cm

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Gyuto, Japanese chef's knife "Migaki" - 24 cm : THE chef's knife !

Order the Gyoto from Umami on your Publicisdrugstore e-shop, a Japanese chef's knife with a rough forge finish. With its 24 cm long pointed blade, this knife is a must-have for any self-respecting chef. Traditionally used for meat, this blade offers great cutting versatility thanks to its heel which is ideal for slicing vegetables or poultry.

An exceptional blade that has been personally sharpened by the Japanese master sharpener Tahara Shunichi.

Length24 cm (blade)
MaterialWhite steel "Shiro Nigo", Asian buffalo horn ferrule.
Advice for use / MaintenanceThe material used for the blades is a mixture of iron and steel. This means that special care is needed to keep the blades in good condition, especially to prevent them from rusting. The blades should therefore be dried thoroughly after use. They should also be sharpened with water stones, which are available on our website.
InformationsBlade sharpened by Japanese master sharpener Tahara Shunichi.
Spécifications techniquesHardness HRC: 64-65, a blade of exceptional quality, the edge of the blade has a remarkable sharpness allowing a precise and clean cut without tearing the flesh. Forged steel finish. Octagonal handle.
Manufacturing / OriginJapan


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