Matcha Tea Premuim Organic - 30g

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Organic Matcha Premuim Tea - 30g

Discover Anatae's Matcha Premuim, rich in flavour, with a very discreet bitterness.

This traditional matcha is rich in antioxidants and comes from the youngest, most fragile and greenest tea leaves. Thanks to its extremely fine powder, this tea provides vitality and energy to start the day.

Our matcha comes from the youngest tea leaves: the most fragile, the greenest, and above all the richest in antioxidants! It is from these leaves that we obtain an extremely fine powder of such high quality. Give it a gentle flick of the wrist to stir, and enjoy its thousand virtues.

A 100% natural and artisanal recipe with authentic flavours from the heights of Japan.

PropertiesDoes the matcha powder have a slight tendency to reach the bottom of your cup? This is a very good sign! Matcha comes from the youngest tea leaves: the most fragile, the greenest, and above all the richest in antioxidants!
Advice for use / MaintenanceIN TRADITIONAL TEA: Pour 70 ml of water at 70-75 °C over 1 g of matcha, i.e. a level teaspoon, mix (with a traditional whisk or an electric frother) until it foams, and drink.FOR LATTES, PASTRIES, ICE CREAM, SMOOTHIES... Ideal for comforting matcha lattes or treats bursting with goodness: use it without limit!
Ingredients100% organic matcha green tea powder
PreservationKeep your matcha jar tightly closed in a cool, dry place (e.g. in a cupboard not exposed to the sun). Its taste and benefits will be optimal for 3-4 months after opening.
InformationsHAND-PICKED TEA LEAVES: In the spring in Nishio, Japan, our farmers hand-picked the youngest leaves from their tea bushes. This allowed them to really select the leaves that were richest in antioxidants, those that did not contain bitterness. The leaves were then steamed for a few seconds to freeze their properties.THE VEINS OF THE LEAF WERE REMOVED BY MACHINE: Later on, the main veins of the leaves were removed by machine to keep only the heart of the leaf, which is the part richest in benefits. Finally, after being carefully dried, the leaves were ground between two granite millstones, to finally obtain a 100% natural powder, very rich in flavour, with a very discreet bitterness.This matcha is a beautiful green powder with an authentic flavour from the heights of Japan.
TastingApproximately 1g of matcha for one cup
Manufacturing / OriginFrance


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