S.T. Dupont

Lighter L2 Lacquer - Black

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L2 Lighter - Black

Designed to light the best cigars, the Le Grand S.T. Dupont lighter in natural black lacquer is bound to find its place in a connoisseur's collection. Equipped with a singularly innovative dual flame technology, it offers a soft flame to gently heat the tobacco while a torch flame allows the cigar to be lit in a perfect circle.

Advice for use / MaintenanceIn order to maintain their brilliance and performance over the years, please follow the following care instructions: Please clean all types of surfaces with a soft cloth. Solvent-based products are not recommended. For surfaces coated with silver, use a special silver cloth, which can be purchased in specialist shops. Silver is a precious material that can show signs of oxidation over time. This natural phenomenon can be accentuated if your lighter is in prolonged contact with leather or rubber. For surfaces covered with lacquer, proceed as for your glasses: spray the surface and clean with a soft cloth. Lacquer is a material that is virtually unaffected by acids. It is exceptionally hard and is particularly resistant to impacts, scratches, rubbing and water.
Dimensions39 x 66 x 14mm
InformationsLighter sold without gas
Spécifications techniquesDouble yellow flame
Color(s)Black and chrome


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