Tosa Ikkyu Binchotan Coal - 600g

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Tosa Ikkyu Binchotan charcoal - 600g: an essential for your barbecues

For your Japanese barbecues, choose Tosa Ikkyu Binchotan charcoal from Umami, a high quality charcoal specially designed for grilling. Binchotan is vegetable charcoal made from Japanese ubamegashi oak, a wood traditionally used in Japan as firewood. Thanks to its properties, binchotan will offer you a long and diffuse heat allowing you to easily control your cooking. A charcoal that can be reused several times.

Advice for use / MaintenanceThe binchotan takes longer to start than a conventional charcoal. On a gas plate you can easily start it with a chimney. You just have to put a few pieces in the chimney and put the chimney directly in contact with the flame. Once the binchotan is red hot (about 10 minutes), it can be used in your Japanese barbecue.
PreservationNo shelf life
Manufacturing / OriginTosa, Japan
Packaging, wrappingCardboard


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