Paired Earwear

Jacks: Jewelry Noise Reducing Filters - Gold

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Jacks: Jewelry noise-reducing filters - Gold: elegant protection

Paired Earwear, a pioneer in hearing aid jewelry, is a French brand founded by Kate Fichard and Margot Grangeon. Its goal is to offer jewelry for the hearing impaired for the first time. The brand goes even further by offering products that help preserve the hearing integrity of the entire population. A relevant offer when we know that more than 5% of the world population is confronted with hearing problems ... We offer you the Bijoux Jacks here, reducing filters constitute an elegant and effective solution to protect against noise pollution without the constraint of isolation. They offer 15 dB attenuation, ideal for concerts, noisy restaurants, traveling by plane or if you want to work in peace in the office.

Also find them in black and silver version.

Dimensions30 x 17 mm
InformationsAcoustic filter attenuation of 15 dB. Integrated Loudness Corrector - Natural sound perception. CRITT / CE standard: meets all current standards, recommended by occupational medicine.Ethical metals and hypoallergenic jewelry.
Manufacturing / OriginFrench manufacturing - Bermuda - Atelier Parisien de Haute Joaillerie
MaterialsFine gold plated brass Finish: Bright polished / Ethical metals and hypoallergenic jewelry.


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