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Jellycat wands are much more than just toys for children. They're the perfect blend of softness, innovation and magic. Made to the highest quality, these plush wands are designed to amaze young and old alike. Their bright colours and adorable designs stimulate children's imaginations, while their irresistible softness makes them perfect for cuddling. Jellycat wands also feature neat details like glittering stars and enchanted patterns, adding a touch of enchantment to every game. As well as being great toys, they're also an excellent choice for decorating a child's bedroom. Give your child the magical experience of Jellycat wands and watch them marvel at these soft, playful companions. Discover our collection of Jellycat wands now and immerse yourself in a world of softness and reverie.

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Height7 sans les pieds | 12 avec les pieds
Length35 cm

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