Grey Goose

Grey Goose Vodka - 3L

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Vodka Grey Goose - 3L: celebrate in luxury

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Vodka Grey Goose - 3L: celebrate in luxury

Treat yourself to a premium French Vodka on your Publicisdrugstore e-shop with the Grey Goose 3L. Produced in the Cognac region, internationally recognized for the quality of its spirits, this vodka is produced from wheat grown in France and specially selected by the brand. Distilled in 5 stages and reduced in natural source water from Gensac, Grey Goose will offer you a purity and a unique taste. A perfect vodka to celebrate in luxury.

Grey Goose
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Data sheet

InformationsAlcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.
Contenance3 L
Degree of alcohol40%
Manufacturing / OriginFrance
NoseClean and fresh, with an elegant spring floral bouquet enhanced with a subtle citrus note.
TasteWith a soft and delicately sweet approach; nice balance on the palate with notes of green plums and anise; of constant freshness.
FinalLong and satisfying, with an almond paste flavor.

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