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Salt Flower of Marrakech - 70g

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Salt Flower of Marrakech - 70g

Discover Salt Flower of Marrakech by Les Terres Blanches, which comes from the Atlas Mountains surrounding Marrakech in Morocco.

The water under the ground is naturally pure, salty and very rich in natural minerals. This unique environment is exceptionally well exposed to the sun and wind, giving this fleur de sel a unique iodine and mineral taste. A marriage between land and sea.

With its "Majorelle Blue" colour case, this mineral-tasting fleur de sel goes wonderfully well with meats. The brand's best seller!

This flower of salt is guaranteed 100% natural, 0% additives, 0% processing.

Advice for use / MaintenanceFleur de sel is a finishing salt, which is added to dishes as a final touch, to preserve the nuanced flavours of the salt and its crystalline texture. Fleur de sel is not cooked and should be added off the heat, just before serving.
PreservationThere is no use-by date or best-before date on fleur de sel. It is a product that can be consumed for life. It must be stored in a dry place for optimal use.
InformationsCeramic pot
Manufacturing / OriginMaroc. The Salt Flower is harvested by salt workers in a traditional way with a flowering pod. They respect a natural drying in the sun.


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